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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 30, 2019



When in doubt, be thankful for how awesome you are with Verbal Surgery -717- “ThanksGETTING” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 27, 2019



Your memories about yourself have a gigantic impact on your current state of mental health!  Give yourself a new review with Verbal Surgery -716- “Total MEcall” and feel good NOW!

Nov 22, 2019



Get a fresh take on your life with Verbal Surgery -715- “Two Windows.” Let the sunshine in and feel good now!

Nov 20, 2019



Ever had a realization that changed your life?  Check out Verbal Surgery -714- “Fakezation” and see how the opposite can also be effective! And feel good, NOW!

Nov 17, 2019



What symbols do you use to represent yourself?  Where you’re from? How old you are?  Adjust those symbols and change your life!  And feel good, NOW!