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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 31, 2021



Would you like more enthusiasm in your life?  How about more chill?  Wind up and relax with Verbal Surgery -892- “Arctic Heat” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 26, 2021


Do you consider yourself a skilled person?  Of course you are!  Learn what makes THE difference with Verbal Surgery -891- “Skill and Will” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 24, 2021



Who’s in charge, the Capitan or the Navigator?  Take control of your direction in life with Verbal Surgery -890- “Navigation Station” and feel good, NOW!  Find yourself!

Oct 21, 2021


What motivates you?  What gets you into motion?  Explore your fast forward self with Verbal Surgery -889- “Want to Care” and feel good, NOW!  Just do it. 

Oct 17, 2021



How do you act when you’re feeling annoyed?  Or happy? Or sad?  The way you act determines how you FEEL! Learn the power of your actions with Verbal Surgery -888- “Act Like blank” and feel good, NOW! You know you should.