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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 29, 2021



Are you learning something hard?  Remember parallel parking?  Verbal Surgery “Dark Parking” will illuminate and guide you!  And feel good, NOW!

May 26, 2021



What’s keeping you out of the game?  Fear?  Then it’s time for Verbal Surgery -855- “Side Lion” and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!

May 21, 2021



Who is in charge of the voice inside your head?  YOU are!  Gain control of your limiting beliefs with this powerful edition of Verbal Surgery -854- “Headmaster” and feel good, NOW!

May 18, 2021



How do you describe yourself?  What story is your life writing?  Adapt the producer role to instantly make you happier!  Crank up Verbal Surgery -853- “Blank Page” and feel good, NOW!

May 15, 2021



Missing something?  What if I could tell you exactly where it is?  Find Verbal Surgery “Lost and Around” and feel good, NOW! Such goodness!