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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 27, 2019


Adjust how you feel by changing your body! Get profound and powerful results with Verbal Surgery -656- “Smile Placebo” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 23, 2019



What is the truth?  How do we find it?  We become who we tell ourselves we are!  Edit yourself with this life-changing edition of Verbal Surgery -655- “Lies and Self-Talk” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 19, 2019



Ready to improve people’s behavior, including YOURS? Then elevate yourself with Verbal Surgery -654- “Raise Praise” and feel good NOW!  Don’t miss this one!

Apr 16, 2019


Life is fragile!  Get in touch with those you love before it’s too late!  Absorb Verbal Surgery -653- “Peek-a-BOOM!” And feel good, NOW!

Apr 13, 2019


What you say “no” to can change your life!  Travel the world of challenge with Verbal Surgery -652- “Fine Denial.” And feel good, NOW!