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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jul 31, 2018


What keeps you from achieving your dreams?  For many people it's the fear of failure.  Their safety belts keep them safe, but they can't move forward! Examine what holds you in place with Verbal Surgery -579- "Buckle Up!" And feel good, NOW!

Jul 27, 2018


Are you going through hard times?  Can't see a way out?  There is always a solution!  Take a peek at Verbal Surgery -578- "Darkest Light" and feel good, NOW!

Jul 24, 2018


Who decides whether you are successful or not?  YOU DO!  Comparing and contrasting yourself is a bad strategy!  Super size your skill set with this EXTRAordinary edition of Verbal Surgery -577- "Super Normal!" And feel good, NOW

Jul 20, 2018


Want to change the world?  YOU CAN!  Your actions make a difference in a different way because you are YOUnique!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -576- "Different Difference," and feel good, NOW!

Jul 17, 2018


If you could start over, would you?  Would you like to be a baby in today's world? We are made up of our memories of our past.  As you explore these memories you may realize that they are flawed and incomplete.  How are your memories holding you back? Find out and feel good, NOW!