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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 30, 2015

Every day I have friends tell me how they regularly have trouble going to sleep.  Here is a exercise for your brain to help!  Mind Lab 101--Your Happy Place!  It works!

Jan 27, 2015

Ready to learn a super power?  LISTEN!  How often do you really listen to what people are telling you?  Do you think you can listen to others and look at your phone at the same time?  Then you need to check out this podcast!  Put this into motion and I guarantee it's a life changer!

Jan 20, 2015

Ever seen one of those makeover shows on TV?  WOW!  What a difference new clothes and a hair cut can make!  There's somenthing even more iimportant and that's a makeUNDER!  Changing your brain for the better can make a huge difference and is easy to do!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -305- and enjoy a...

Jan 7, 2015

Ever get a thought stuck in your head that you just can't change?  Does worry or anger keep you up at night?  Then it's time to change the channel!  Grab a hold of this mental clicker and learn "Channel Surfing!"  It'll change your life, baby!

Jan 5, 2015

Where are you now?  Is there a difference between where you body is and where (or what) you're thinking about?  Jump into Verbal Surgery -303- and give yourself the best present ever:  the PRESENT!