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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 18, 2014

When you manipulate your body, you change your MIND!  Talk about powerful!  The way you stand, sit and walk affects how you FEEL.  Jump into this episode of Verbal Surgery and change your mind, NOW!

Nov 13, 2014

What titles do you give yourself that hold you back?  "I can't remember names."  "I'm not good at math."  Those titles become true ONLY because you believe them!  TIme for some NEW  titles inside your sweet brain!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -298- "INtitled."  It'll change your life. ...

Nov 11, 2014

Who are those special friends of yours that you've lost contact with?  When was the last time you called your parents?  How are your brothers and sisters doing?  It's not too late to get back in touch!  Recover and restore relationships!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -297- because its Not Too LATE!

Nov 8, 2014

Do you ever have a problem sleeping?  Do you wake up worried and can't bo back to sleep? Then this episode is for you!  Check out Verbal Surgery -296- "Mind Shaft" and go all the way down to great night's sleep!  Don't listen to this one while driving!

Nov 6, 2014

Are you interested in being more attractive?  Want to change?  Then jump into Verbal Surgery -295- "Morph!"  You will be better looking and more attractive, even sexier just be listening.  What a deal!  You won't believe how this one episode will change your life, NOW!