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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 27, 2020



Feeling cooped up and fearful?  Nature’s beauty heals!  Get better with Verbal Surgery -747- “Flower Power” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 24, 2020



What are you not seeing? What should we not see?  Examine your vision with Verbal Surgery -746- “I Patch” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 20, 2020



What are you focused on? Pandemic?  Verbal Surgery for the cure with “Peacock Feet,” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 18, 2020



Covid-19 making you uptight?  Time for attention adjustment with Verbal Surgery -744- “Hocus Focus” and feel good,NOW!

Mar 13, 2020



How does a pandemic affect your happiness?  Common sense and a  boost with Verbal Surgery -743- “Going Viral.”  Inoculate yourself and feel good, NOW!