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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 28, 2013

A world of perfect peace and contentment---inside of YOU!  How's that possible?  Check out YOUtopia and become a permanent resident!

Oct 25, 2013

What triggers you?  Powerful results can occur from the smallest actions---like pulling a trigger!  Check out this podcast and give it your best shot!

Oct 18, 2013

We can choose our perspective.  It is our CHOICE! Decide to take a New View on the situation and you will be astonished by the powerful new YOU!!

Oct 15, 2013

Who do we look up to?  Who nurtures us and makes us feel good?  YOU DO!  You are the Father or Mother figure to SO many people who depend on you for a kind word, to make them feel good!  Broadcast your love through the generations!

Oct 11, 2013

How critical are you?  How does that affect your happiness?  Be care of "ER" thinking!  Check out this podcast and feel good NOW!