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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 29, 2021



Are you lucky?  Ramp the good times up with Verbal Surgery -877- “Jimmy Jackpot” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one!

Aug 26, 2021



What is keeping you from the success you want?  Fear?  Then jump into Verbal Surgery -876- “Stand Back” and feel good, NOW!

Aug 21, 2021



What gets you moving on the road to success?  Power up with Verbal Surgery -875- “Whatever It Takes” and feel good, NOW!  

Aug 16, 2021



What do you really need in life?  More stuff?  Declutter with Verbal Surgery -874- “More Storage” and feel good NOW!  We ALL need this one!

Aug 12, 2021


What keeps you from moving ahead?  Expand your mind with Verbal Surgery -873- “Small Pot” and feel good, NOW!