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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 27, 2018


How jobs get harder depending on the adjectives we use to describe them!  Taking a small job and describing it as a BIG job makes it a "Smig" job!  Learn to use your adjectives in powerful ways with this highly descriptive edition of Verbal Surgery -552- "SMig Job!"  And feel good, NOW!

Apr 24, 2018


How high are the stakes for you?  Are you fully invested in what you're doing?  Examine your motivations with this high rolling episode of Verbal Surgery -551- "Fake Stakes."

Apr 20, 2018


What are you afraid of?  Scared it might hurt?  Not everything that frightens you is real!  Grab a hold of fear and notice that it's just Verbal Surgery -550- "Fake Snake!"  And feel good, NOW!

Apr 17, 2018


Using the right tool makes ALL the difference!  Examine your methods with this practical edition of Verbal Surgery -549- "Fake Rake!" And feel good, NOW!

Apr 13, 2018

 Never forget the importance of fun with this good times version of Verbal Surgery -548- "Play With Me!" It's always great to feel good, NOW!