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Verbal Surgery podcast

Feb 26, 2021



Are you at the end of your rope?  What next?  Verbal Surgery -832- “Fast Resort” will help!  Engage and feel good, NOW!

Feb 24, 2021



Is time your friend? Ready to make much better use of it?  Then wind yourself up with Verbal Surgery -831- “Clock and Watch” and feel good, NOW!

Feb 20, 2021



Do you feel like you need to make more progress faster?  Then charge into Verbal Surgery -830- “The Distance” and feel good, NOW!

Feb 17, 2021



Are you going though dark times?  Verbal Surgery “Tunnel Light” to the rescue!  Plug in and charge up with this awesome episode and feel good, NOW!

Feb 12, 2021



Do you take criticism well?  No one does!  The rally cry for our tribe! Verbal Surgery -828- “Don’t Fix Me” and feel good, NOW!