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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 28, 2018


What is holding you down?  Resolve to rise with this inspiring edition of Verbal Surgery -561- "Get UP Now!"

May 25, 2018


Are you growing?  Time to accelerate your great with this high potency edition of Verbal Surgery -560- "Grow Zone" and feel good, NOW!

May 22, 2018


Ready to get things DONE!?  Then engage with Verbal Surgery -559- "Mini Maximums" and see your success skyrocket!  OK, maybe not "skyrocket" but at least get better!  And while you're there, feel good, NOW!

May 18, 2018


Small things can cause big problems!  What's the source and what's the solution?  Find both in this life changing episode of Verbal Surgery -558- "Leak Tweak!" And feel good, NOW!

May 15, 2018


Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike?  How about driving a car?  Now those abilities are automatic.  What else do you need to learn?  Simple ideas to help your abilities blossom in this exuberant edition of Verbal Surgery -557- "Skill Thrill!"  Feel good, NOW!