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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 30, 2018


So many things to be thankful for!  Be mindful of those happy thoughts and feel good, NOW, with this astronomically awesome version of Verbal Surgery -527- "Star Blind."

Jan 26, 2018


We are fragile!  We get our feelings hurt so easily.  We are delicate.  The words we use can be weapons.  Filter your consciousness through this prescriptive edition of Verbal Surgery -526- "Delicate Weapon," and feel good, NOW!

Jan 23, 2018


What makes you YOU?  Isn't it your memories?  But how true are these recollections?  When your memories hold you back, CHANGE THEM!  You aren't really sure what happened anyway!  Edit your show with this sticky edition of Verbal Surgery -525- "Glueless" and feel good, NOW!

Jan 19, 2018


Want to sweeten your life?  Then eat a big bowl of Verbal Surgery -524- "Sugar Pops!"  Easy ways to make yourself and others feel good, NOW!

Jan 16, 2018


Women look different with makeup on!  What would it be like if we ALL wore makeup?  External difference is nice but decorating our MIND makes a much bigger change!  Wear Verbal Surgery -523- "Mind Makeup" and feel good, NOW!