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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 30, 2021



What is attractive to you in life?  How do you measure success?  Get shiny with Verbal Surgery -825- “Imitation Jewelry” and feel good, NOW!  You deserve it!

Jan 27, 2021



When will you finally arrive?  Be who you want to be?  Get there with Verbal Surgery -824- “Transition Position” and feel good, NOW!

Jan 22, 2021



Do you ever need help?  How would people know?  Use Verbal Surgery -823- “Tiny Signage” to make 2021 the best year EVER!  And feel good, NOW!

Jan 20, 2021



How’s you mood? Need more laughs per day?  Then put on a smiley face with Verbal Surgery -822- “Jive Mind” and feel good, NOW!  Tee hee!

Jan 16, 2021



Are you in the dark?  Ready to brighten your day?  Then turn on Verbal Surgery -821- “Seek Light” and feel good, NOW!  Plug in, baby!