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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 30, 2018

What we absorb in our brains affects us!  Analyze your input with Verbal Surgery -614- “Ear Pressure” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 27, 2018



Asking yourself powerful questions is the fast track to happiness!  Shine a light on yourself with Verbal Surgery -613- “IlluMEnation” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 23, 2018



How do we speed up our relationship growth and our business?  By listening to these simple ideas on Verbal Surgery -612- “Ride On!”  Buckle up for speed and feel good, NOW!

Nov 20, 2018



Want to get along better with people?  Interested in having more friends?  Then embrace “Verbal Surgery -611- “Maximum Love” with the biggest hug possible!  This stuff works!  Love and feel good, NOW!

Nov 16, 2018


Heal your mind with a practical fix!  Use Verbal Surgery -610- “Flex Tape” to seal the puncture and feel good, NOW!