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Verbal Surgery podcast

Dec 29, 2019



Visualization can be a powerful force in your life, especially when you use it to describe yourself! Embrace this strategy and feel good, now!

Dec 21, 2019



What signals do you give yourself right before you break?  Pay attention with Verbal Surgery -723- “Break Light” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 17, 2019



How do you react when you’re in pain? How does that pain affect your relationships?  Explore your weaknesses to make you stronger with this pain killing edition of Verbal Surgery -722- “When It Hurts” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 13, 2019



Our description of our reality becomes our MEality.  Choose stronger words and experience a more powerful existence!

Dec 10, 2019



Bad reaction to stress?  May be time to check your wiring!  Fire up with Verbal Surgery -720- “Faulty Wiring” and feel good, NOW!